Data & Audience targeting

The Big Data is one of the most innovative evolution of advertising industry. It gives us the capacity to segment Internet users according to their interests and therefore reach your target with increased relevance.

Everyday, AdServerPub collects Data on more than 30 million Internet users and defines user profiles thanks to intelligent Data crossing. This deep Data analysis is used for our client’s online advertising campaigns in order to anticipate with precision the user’s needs and increase Return on Investment.

Our algorithm allows us to decide in real time to show an ad to the Internet user and adapt the diffusion to maximize conversion rate.

Real-Time Optimization

Your Return on Investment is our priority. We define together Key Performance Indicators in order to optimize your campaigns in real-time and reach your marketing objectives.

Our optimization algorithms give us the ability to dynamically adapt the diffusion of your campaign by choosing the right audience (audience optimization) but also to optimize the campaign through thousands of websites (onsite optimization) and respect your goals.

Moreover, our technology prioritizes automatically the most relevant campaigns in order to maximize advertiser’s ROI, but also inventory monetization from our Media partners.

Dynamic Retargeting

The average conversion rate of an e-commerce website is around 5%. Retargeting gives you the ability to “retarget” the 95% of users that didn’t transform at their first visit.

Thanks to innovative tracking technologies, AdServerPub identifies the users that came to your website in order to retarget them with personnalized creatives according to the visited products.
Retargeting increases click-rate and impacts conversion. Take advantage of it !

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Brand Safety

We offer you a brand safety diffusion in order to preserve your brand image. Therefore, we select every website we diffuse on, following objective criterias: number of Unique Visitors, content update frequency, content, number of banners, domain name, etc.

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