Transparency chart

Adsp is proud member of the OBA framework in order to respect your privacy. The chart informs you on how we collect and use Data.

Our activity

Adsp does performance display advertising. Our activity consists in monetizing websites with advertiser campaigns.

To do our activity, we use behavioral targeting which consists in serving personnalized ads to Internet users, based on their interests and hobbies.
Concretely, when you visit a "sport" website, we assume that you are interested in that topic, and we will diffuse ad banners that are in affinity with your interests. The objective being to serve ads that you are likely to appreciate.

The collect and use

Your data is fully anonymous ! The collected data (through cookies) is strictly anonymous. We collect :

• Your activity on our partner sites (sites that you like visited your center of interest ...);
• The information of our partners (eg socio-demographic);
• The ads that you have already seen;
However, this information is only available a few days !
NB: we do not collect any information on children with less than 12 years.

We don't know who you are and have no ability to do so. We don't know any personal information (name, address, etc.). Your IP is not stored for targeting. We don't collect any sensitive data (religion, political view, etc.). To recap, we don't have any personal information on you !

The cookies

A cookie is a tag placed in your browser. Adsp saves cookies in your browser. They are totaly anonymous and you can erase them anytime. The cookies are used to know your behavior on Internet (interests, search history, etc.). We do not collect any personal information (religion, politics, etc.).

How does it work? A cookie is script that is placed in your Internet browser to gather information on your activity. The collected data is then used to know your interests and general behavior on Internet in order to show you personalized banners.

You have the choice

Adsp gives you the possibility to opt-out of interest-based ads. If you don't want to see personalized ads, click on the small AdChoices icon in the upper right corner of the banner to opt-out. Please note that you will still see ads from Adsp if you opt out. But the ads we will deliver may not be as relevant to you.

Desktop/Web-based opt-out

To opt-out of interest-based ads, you may visit the following website: Your Online Choices
However, be aware that your choice is saved in your cookies. If you clear your cookies, you may need to renew your opt-out choice.

Mobile opt-out

Mobile device operating systems (such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone) may provide a “Limit Ad Tracking” or “Opt out of interest-based advertising” setting to opt-out of in-app interest-based ads. Additionally, mobile device browsers may also provide privacy control settings to opt-out of interest-based ads.

Other informations

Data protection
We use firewall and crypting technologies to secure your data. The cookies stay in our system for maximum one month and the IPs for twelve months.

Adsp partnerships
Adsp adheres to: European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB).

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