Subscription and validation of your website

What are the subscription conditions ?

The subscription is free and without obligation. It only consists in giving your contact details and your website adress in order to submit the application form. It takes only a few minutes.

How to know if my subscriptions has been validated ?

Generaly, the subscription is accepted. Meanwhile, it will be refused if you have been banned before.

How do I know if my website was accepted ?

The website you entered is always checked by our team. There are many criterias taking in account : e.g. the domain name needs to be appropriated (we never accept,, ....), the website graphics, the people visiting your website, the content of your website, the location of your displays, and so on. From then on your website was accepted or refused, you get a notification mail. Meanwhile your account stays valid so you can list other websites if needed.

I have not received the validation mail yet. What should I do ?

Often, it happens that the mail arrived as junk mail. Otherwise, you need to know that plenty of webmasters subscribe everyday, and sometimes we have 72 hours delay to evaluate your website. In case of doubt, after 72 hours, and after you checked your junk mail, send us en email and we will answer you shortly.

I respect the T&C and my website has not been validated !

AdServerPub reserves the right to accept or reject a site. We may well consider that the content is insufficient, as it does not match our image or the charter of quality with respect to our agencies is not respected. Please accept our apologies.

I changed my email address, how can I modify it on my account ?

Simply send us an email : In the mail you will send, don't forget to mention you new adress, your name and vorname mentioned in the account, and the name of your website (or your past email adress) so we can identify your account easily.

Diffuse the campaigns

Where on my UI do I find the campaigns to broadcast ?

You have two solutions, or you get back your campaigns one by one, or you get back a ad rotation tag :

To get the rotation tags :

Home > Campaigns > Ad tag > Rotation tag with the symbol

To choose your campaigns :

Home > Campaigns > Ad tag > Choice of campaigns with the symbol (You can activate/disable the campaigns that you want)

To add an autopromotion (tags of an other player):

Home > Campaign > Ad tag > Autopromotion with the icon (you can then enter the tag of an other network)

To get the campaings in unique :

Home > Campaigns > Your campaigns > your tag)

When I connect to « Campaigns > diffusion tag > i don't have the icons , why ?

If you don't have any rotation tag on your account, it's because your website hasn't been accepted yet. Please check you emails or contact us for any questions.

Why is the campagin that I wan't to diffuse not available on my account ? How can I do to access it ?

The campaigns are targeted according to categories, so it is possible that you can't access all of the campaings. The ones that are proposed to you are the ones that are the most likely to match your target. Meanwhile, if you think there has been a mistake, don't hesitate to contact us.

I have set the script for the campaign but nothing shows up, why ?

It's possible that you placed a Site under tag, reason why you can not see any banner. You can recognize the Site under campaigns with their names.

I have implemented the script but it is AdServerPub's banner that is shown. Why?

Most of our campaigns have targeting parameters (geographic, hourly, etc...). Check the country (or région) you are in and if allows the diffusion.
If you diffuse a ad rotation tag, check if you activated enough campaigns. You can also replace the AdServerPub tag by one of your choice.To add an autopromotion (tags from an other network for example) (the tags of an other network for example) :

Home > Campaign > Ad tag > Autopromotion with the icon.

I am a mailer, is it possible to diffuse mailing campaigns ?

It is not authorized to diffuse mailing compaigns but you can send a request to Every demand will be examined following the campaigns and the restrictions of our advertisers.

Optimize revenue

My revenue is quite low, how can I optimize it ?

In order to optimize your revenue, we advise you tu use rotation tags with a maximum of campaigns. Our technology acts as yield manager, and will diffuse the campaigns that generate the highest yield.
If you need advise, our team can assist you in the ad tag implementation, in the choice of your formats or campaigns. Please contact us if you have further questions !

CPM,CPC,CPL or CPA , what models should I choose?

Our yield management technology maximizes your revenue automaticaly thanks to the eCPM. Therefore, we advise you to activate all of the campaigns.

I don't earn enough with the standard IAB banners. How can I get more revenue ?

AdServerPub offers you new formats such as Site Under, Slide in, Footerads, Pre roll, etc.
The Site under is a format that opens under your browser. Generaly, the CPMs are high and generate good revenue. You can limit the diffusion to 1/2/3 impressions by hour/day/week.
The Slide in is an ad format that opens an 300x250 iframe on the left of your screen. The CTR is generaly quite high and generates high revenue. We give you the ability to cap this format (1/2/3 impressions per hour/day/week).
The Footerads is an ad format that opens an 728x90 iFrame on the bottom of your screen. The CTR is generaly quite high and generates high revenue. We give you the ability to cap this format (1/2/3 impressions per hour/day/week).
The Pre roll is a format that is showed right before the video or the game. Contact us if you want more information.


In addition to AdServerPub, you can also use other yield manager/networks to monetize your website. We give you the ability to integrate another network tag into our tag !

Invoice and getting paid

I can not bill. What can i do ?

You have to wait the 1st of the following month and reach a 100 Euros pay out. Then, you will have to go to "Payment history" then click on Invoice

I wait for my payment since more then 1 month. Is it normal ?

The payments are made within 60 days at the end of the month.

What payment types are available ?

We transfer your revenue by bank transfer or Paypal.

I did not reach the payout this month. What happens with my revenue ?

The revenue are automaticaly reported to the following month. They are indicated as being empty on your invoice history.

Fraud and sanction

What kind of tools has AdServerPub to fight against fraud ?

We have developed sophisticated tools that allow us to fight against fraud. Here are some parameters that we examine:
CTR: we check that no publisher uses incentives on our displays (clic on it) or uses robots to generate volume.
Media: we check that the publishers are diffusing on the websites that they have announced.
Performance: we check that the publishers generate real traffic thanks to tracking pixels
And much more...

What are the fraud criterias for AdServerPub ?

Are considered as fraud or fraudulous methods :
Clic or subscription incentive
Use of surfbar or other tools to generate artificial traffic
Place display in the iframes, or on the website footer, or on an intermediary page with only aim to generate impressions.
Unusual banner positioning with high CTR (before a video or a game for example)
All of this examples are easily to spot with our tracking tools.

What are the risks for the publisher in case of fraud ?

The website is immediately blocked and the account deleted before the balanced is payed. AdServerPub keeps the right to prosecute.

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